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About US

Boston International Media Consulting Inc (BIMC), founded in 2017 in Boston, USA,  is a North American media consulting company with rich new media resources and excellent marketing capabilities.


BIMC sets its sights on the North American and Asian markets.

It is committed to providing integrated marketing solutions in North America for all kinds of enterprises at home and abroad, helping promote their brands in the North American market and bridging the distance between brands, consumers, and government.

Marketing Strategy

With rich relationships and extensive experience in marketing strategies in North America, we help brands enter the North American market.

Political Campaign

Deeply involved in the Chinese communities, we help you with your political campaign.

Public Relations

Headquartered in Boston, BIMC owns its own media channels and has a long-term relationship with media, merchants, and governments in North America

We bridge the distance between companies, consumers and governments

Social Media Operation

BIMC has extensive industry experience in social media operations such as WeChat, Red, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and website operations.

Every social media channel requires resources and content, and that is where so many companies fail. We are good at integrating different resources (pictures, articles, videos) to manage content for the different needs of different industries and grow your brand's awareness.

Visual Design

We have rich design experience, through the mining of the profound concept of the brand and efficient communication with customers, based on a keen grasp of color, the use of different styles, and reasonable layout, and ultimately enhance the user experience and spread the corporate brand.


Main services include Logo and Poster Design.


Integrate brand and vision perfectly, creating an innovative experience terminal for brands and the public.


In-depth understanding of customer needs, we can accurately customize the best event planning to maximize the event’s effectiveness. Keep the event under budget and help to increase the loyalty of consumers, and bridge the distance between governments.

Press Releases

With years of experience in news gathering and writing and different social media platforms, we can provide real-time news coverage and in-depth interviews for your company or event.


BIMC’s main business includes: Marketing Strategy, Political Campaign, Public Relations,Social Media Operation, Visual Design, Events, Press Releases,etc.

Our Services
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